Therefore, if you are convicted of a speed of eight points or if you are convicted of a two-speed four points within a period of 18 months you will have to pay a penalty of the total valuation of $ 450 because of the eight points. If you are unable to pay the appraisal fee, your privilege to drive in New York will be suspended. This is true also for the driver of the state.

Insurance costs, as mentioned, will also increase as well. Exactly how much depends on the carrier, but many are estimated to increase by 30-50% in three years. For drivers of State, the answer is a bit 'more complex. New York, along with 45 other states, is involved in the compact drive from one state to another. Under this agreement, convictions should return to their country of origin, as though they occurred in the State of origin. Obviously, that makes it much more likely that your insurance company will find out your belief and raise rates.

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